Hepatitis C Drug Information for Healthcare Professionals

With the advent of directly acting antivirals, the field of hepatitis C therapy has been revolutionized.
Factors such as efficacy, toxicity, drug interactions, medication adherence, and cost need to be carefully considered when designing a particular treatment regimen for an individual patient.

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This website includes sections on pharmacologic and pharmacokinetic properties of directly acting antivirals, drug interaction tables with commonly prescribed classes of medications and appendices of additional information. As principles of hepatitis therapy evolve, and as new agents continue to emerge, combination regimens will become increasingly complex. It is the responsibility of each practitioner to stay abreast of new developments. The information in this website is not meant to be absolute nor universal, and should always be utilized in conjunction with the informed clinical judgement of the practitioner.


We are excited to announce the first edition of the Hepatitis C Drug Therapy Handbook. This compilation of hepatitis C pharmacology and drug interaction information is now available as a pocket-sized reference book and a free, downloadable e-book.

This handbook also will serve as a comprehensive companion to our popular Handbook of HIV Drug Therapy. Please use the link button below to download this handbook.

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Our sister site, the HIV Clinic has put together a comprehensive Handbook of HIV Drug Therapy. Click here to download volume 1 and click here to download Volume 2.

Editorial Information

The main objectives of the website are to provide a comprehensive and centralized repository of current data on Hepatitis C drug therapy for health care professionals with a main focus on drug interactions, and to promote safe and rational prescribing of directly acting antivirals. The website content is updated regularly, and includes information from key international hepatitis conferences and recent publications in the medical/pharmacy literature. The chief editors of the website content are Alice Tseng, Pharm.D., Pierre Giguere, M.Sc.Phm. and Sanjeev Sockalingam, MD, FRCPC.

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The information in this website is intended for use by and with experienced physicians and pharmacists. The information is not intended to replace sound professional judgment in individual situations, and should be used in conjunction with other reliable sources of information. Due to the rapidly changing nature of information about Hepatitis C treatment and therapies, users are advised to recheck the information contained herein with the original source before applying it to patient care. Decisions about particular medical treatments should always be made in consultation with a qualified medical practitioner knowledgeable about hepatitis-related illness and the treatments in question.

Neither Toronto General Hospital, The Ottawa Hospital, nor the authors and contributors are responsible for deletions or inaccuracies in information or for claims of injury resulting from any such deletions or inaccuracies. Mention of specific drugs, drug doses or drug combinations within this website does not constitute endorsement by the authors, Toronto General Hospital, or the Ottawa Hospital.

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